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Some time ago, teaching 3D was attacked by malicious hackers, who were attempting to spread malware. Some content was damaged as a result. Thus, if you can't find what you're looking for, check the bottom of this page for a link to the unsorted old content.

Articles sorted by topic are below.

The description "notes" is used to indicate less complete articles that are mostly intended to be used together with lectures.

General Information and Fundamental Concepts

Understanding Computer Graphics
UV Mapping Theory
Efficient and Low Poly Modeling
Optimizing Productivity - Time Management and Working Efficiently
Learning Learning - How to Learn Faster And More Effectively
3D and 2D Learning Checklist (Very Incomplete but possibly useful.)
Color Perception (Notes on how humans perceive color.)

Rendering with V-Ray in Maya - Notes
Toys In V-Ray - Rendering video lesson and notes
Modeling Workflow Lessons with Videos - Rock Modeling Series (Workflow with Maya and ZBrush)

Presentation, Post Production and Marketing Your Skills

Marketing Your Skills and Job Hunting
Media Delivery (Notes)


Python For Newbies (An introduction to programming in Python by Joe Crawford)
Maya Scripting And Programming (mostly with Python)

Game Development

Level Design Concepts

UDK Notes

Modeling With Static Meshes
Characters And Skeletal Meshes
Materials And Shaders
Kismet And Matinee
Particles And Materials For Them
Landscapes and Terrain

Unsorted Notes

Additional Topics (auto generated listing)
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