UDK - Important Hotkeys




LMB & RMB for viewport paning

Wheel or both  LMB & RMB for Zoom

Perspective Views:

LMB for Walk and Turn Cam left and right

RMB for free look

Both LMB & RMB for strafe in all directions

Wheel For Zoom

Hold L for Maya Style  Controls:

LMB for orbit, MMB for Pan, RMB for Zoom

(orbit takes  into account selection and where you click)


All Views:

Home key centers on selected object



Shift 1 is obect/camera mode

Shift 2 is component/geometry mode

Space key toggles transform mode (move, rotate and scale)

Holding Alt while moving object copys object

Holding Shift while moving makes camera follow moving object

Holding Ctrl Moves object with out using transform munipulator

Meaning you can move object by clicking anywhere

Holding A key and click on a surface to add the highlighted object in the browser  to scene

Holding L key adds a new point light where you click

Holding S key adds  static mesh to scene from browser

Square brakets " [ ] " adjust  grid size larger or smaller

Del key deletes selected objects

Alt + Arrow keys nudge selected actors using current transform munipulator

Alt + MMB    moves the pivot point of the selected object

(note, to save pivot you need to RMB transform, save pivot to prepivot)

Ctrl + LMB Drag   moves the selection without having click the manipulator


LMB selects object or components

Holding Ctrl selects multiple items or deselects individual ones

Holding down Ctrl and Alt draws a marquee selection window

Holding down Ctrl and Alt and Shift draws a marquee selection window and adds to selection

When a surface is selected:

Shift B selects all surfaces on same brush

Shift J selects all  adjacent surfaces

Shift W selects all adjacent wall surfaces

Shift T selects surfaces with the same material

Shift N deselects all surfaces


Crtl A create additive brush from builder brush

Crtl S create subtractive brush from builder brush


Alt clicking selected material in content browser assigns it to selected faces

Shift clicking selected faces in viewport assigns selected material from browser

Alt RMB on surface in viewport to grab material from clicked surface, after this shift clicking will assign the material that was grabbed.




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