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Joe has been working professionally in the computer graphics industry from a very young age.

Starting at Mainframe Entertainment, Joe worked on the first ever computer animated television series, "Reboot".  After Reboot, Joe went on to work on two "Transformers" related series, "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines".

While working at Mainframe, Joe began teaching part-time at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, where he continues to teach to this day. Joe has also taught at many other institutions, and continues to do so now, always looking for opportunities to help more students.

In 2001 Joe started his own 3D graphics and animation company called "Celestine Studios". Since that time, the company has produced graphics and animation for a wide range of television, web, and print based projects.

Currently Joe Crawford is teaching, as well as developing independent video games via his company, Celestine Studios.


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