What Students and Teachers Say About Joe Crawford

Hear what people think of Joe Crawford, instructor and founder of Teaching 3D


"With Joe I always felt like I could ask him anything. He either knew it or would figure it out with you but he would never let you down. Even after getting a job he was there to help me get used to things. That being said, Joe Crawford is truly a very talented and knowledgeable teacher and professional in the world of 3D. He is fully devoted to his students. It was a pleasure and an honour to be Joe's student and his teacher's assistant. I hope to keep learning from Joe whenever the chance is available." - Tony Fuenmayor, Electronic Arts


"Joe was one of those teachers that never let you down and never let you give up. It didn't matter what problem you were having, Joe seemed to always have the answer. Even on the rare occasion when he wasn't certain, he was always willing to take the extra time and help you find a solution. I have never had a teacher as devoted to his class as Joe was. It wasn't uncommon for him to wander into the building late at night, just to see if anyone needed an extra hand or had a question. Joe is an outstanding teacher and an awesome friend that I know I will always be able to count on. Thanks Joe, you the man!"   Chad Milam, Blizzard Entertainment


"Thanks for everything... I wouldn't have been able to produce my current demo reel without your help." - Shawn Kassian, Bioware
(The mentioned "current demo reel" was featured on the front page for the official Crytek Engine 3 showcase.)


"Joe has personally integrated a diverse skill-set and developed wisdom of his contemporary craft. He has a cross discipline approach to technical and artistic skill development, encompassing most aspects of new media discipline. I recommend Joe Crawford to you, without reservation." - Bill Henderson, Winner of the Government of Canada's Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching.


"Joe Crawford has a dedication rarely seen in most teachers. Willing to go the extra mile for a student, Joe exemplifies what a teacher should be. Although his knowledge, understanding, and experience with digital arts is immense, his best asset is this hunger to help others learn."   Brian Donley, Sony Entertainment


"I worked with Joe for two years on a variety of projects. During that time I was constantly astonished by his problem solving and logic skills. Even now I rely on him for technical support. When our in house experts don't have answers I call on Joe." - Chris Holbrow, Backbone Entertainment


"Not only is Joe an experienced industry professional but he is also a very talented teacher. His in depth knowledge of 3D programs and technical skills really helped me out of tight situations in the past. Joe's explanations are always clear and effective. If necessary, he never hesitates to explain the reasoning and nature of the problems and how to solve them in a way that I can understand. This way I can take that transferable knowledge and apply it to other applications on my own. Joe provided me with the best training a student could ask for."   Kevin Shi, Blue Castle Games / Capcom


"Above and beyond should be Joe's personal motto! Joe helped me understand many 3D/2D software programs when I had absolutely no prior experience. Even to this day he still helps me when I have questions and I am no longer a student of his. So when all else fails, it's nice to know I can rely on my friend Joe Crawford. He always seems to have a solution. Thanks to Joe, I now have the skills to begin an exciting new career."   Branden Brushett, Microsoft Game Studios


"Having Joe as a teacher is like having the quickest most indepth textbook ever, he knows an amazing amount about Maya, Blender, 3dsmax, and other 3D software. As a mentor, he helped me troubleshoot and problem solve many types of issues, from concept to rendering. His methods improved my workflow. His cineamatic eye helped improve my demo reel's camera work and overall cinemetography. Joe was great to have as a mentor and teacher and would be an asset to any art team."   Lisa Fecko, Electronic Arts


"Possibly one of the most dedicated instructors and Guru of 3D in the Vancouver area, Joe has left an outstanding impression on me. Joe is a very focused logical guy who is constantly striving to make his peers and students more informed in the world of 3D. Joe has a very professional demeanor and charming personality. It is no secret that Joe was working at Mainframe when he was just 16. This should put into perspective Joe's plethora of 3D knowledge and his respected status in the industry today. I have had the pleasure of seeing Joe work in crunch time and can say that he is one of the calmest calculating individuals I have ever met. I would highly advise having Joe in both a Professor or Specialist position."  David Hughes


"Joe Crawford is a fountain of knowledge and an excellent teacher. For those seeking his help, he is available whether it is during or after class sessions. His critiques are always honest and insightful with the goal of making everything the best it can be. His deep understanding of an assortment of complex software is coupled with a personable nature. He really sets the bar when it comes to what a teacher can and should be."   John Laakso, Electronic Arts


"Thank you so much for your help, Joe. Your constructive criticism made my work so much better, especially my lighting and my renders! You're never short of an answer and always eager to solve problems. It was great to be your student."   Petra Richli, Artist, Digital Extremes


"Joe consistantly provided a wealth of knowledge and resources that far outweigh his obligation as a teacher. It was a pleasure having such a wonderful teacher."   Dan Lupton, United Front Games


"Joe is by far the most dedicated teacher I have ever had. His teaching was clear and straight forward and he gave us some of the best tools for tackling our 3D problems. Each student had their own unique set of issues associated with their demo reel and somehow Joe managed to answer everyones question. Even if he did run out of time in class he was always willing to stick around after hours and make sure that everyone got their problems solved. The amount of time he has gone above and beyond the expected are infinite. We could always count on him to be poking around the school late at night after all the other teachers had gone home, just to make sure no one was left stranded trying to finish their demo reel. Even after we had graduated Joe was always the one we could count on for help. I never would have got the job I have now if it weren't for Joe's help as a teacher and a friend. Thanks Joe."   Kelsey Grant, Radical Entertainment


"He's very enthusiastic and always well prepared for the class. He always had answers for our questions, for both Maya and UDK. He's always willing to spend more than just the class time to help with questions.  It was very normal to see Joe staying at the school with us until midnight during the crunch time. Even now that we have graduated, he's still there to help us with our side projects and help us to get prepared with our job interviews. I would have never gotten this far without Joe helping me to solve all the problems in my demoreel. Thank you Joe! YOU ARE THE BEST!"   Cindy Hsu, Radical Entertainment


"Joe's dedication to teaching and his relentless pursuit of knowledge was a critical staple in my education. His instruction was clear and his advice was always accurate. His problem solving wizardry is second to none and I feel very fortunate to have been taught by the best. Thanks Joe.'' - Colby Young, 3D Custom Foam


"I was lucky enough to experience Joe's teaching across several different aspects of 3D, the depth and breadth of his knowledge is truly remarkable. However despite this versatility, as a student what I appreciated most was the time he made for each student as an individual, making the time to personalize his teaching and explore additional resources with us. He truly was a stand out teacher, even after graduation I know he would still be willing to offer assistance if necessary." - David Kenley, Rainmaker Entertainment


"Joe proved to be a passionate and knowledgeable tutor, adapting to the various teaching levels of his students with ease. I felt very much enthused and excited by his lessons and he was very open to further discussions outside of class. I have found the knowledge he imparted proved very useful in my own success in the visual effects industry, both from a technical point of view as well as the career guidance he offered. I thoroughly recommend Joe as a teacher and a mentor." - John Sellings,  Jellyfish Pictures, London UK.


"Joe is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. He was very helpful in finding solutions to every problem I encountered. Sometimes, late at night, he would drop in and help students solve problems, and he even developed scripts to make difficult and routine tasks easier to perform. Without Joe, I would not have successfully completed 3 pieces for my demo reel. Thank you Joe. You are an awesome teacher!" - Sudarsan Varma, Ubisoft


"To us, Joe was a friend who told you all that you needed to know as you started to swim in the unknown waters of 3D. His knowledge was in-depth and he never let us down. I personally felt that he was the man to rely on if you messed up. This allowed me to keep experimenting with new things, never feeling scared of a situation "where it all goes wrong". Even if it's well past midnight, he will be there for you. He will make sure you finish your stuff and that you are not stuck in some giant technical tangle at 1 am! Thank you Joe for being there for us." - Rohan Oka, Dreamworks Animation


"Joe is an all around great teacher. Very easy going and friendly, with lots of experience and a vast understanding of 3d programs. His technical knowledge is really impressive, yet he always manages to explain it in simple terms everybody can understand. He also has a good eye, so his critiques are always very constructive and informative. Always seeking ways to improve his skills, he is eager to share them with everybody. I learned a lot from him as a student and later as his assistant. Many of his tricks and problem solving techniques I still use day to day. I must say I owe him a lot!" - Fernando Acosta, Digital Extremes


"Joe Crawford has a strong and fundamental understanding of 3D programs as well as workflow. His lecture and notes are clear and he will always dedicate himself to answering your questions. Joe has a lot of enthusiasm, was very approachable and always considered the student's opinions. In short, he is patient, dedicated and intelligent. Joe's class structure allowed me personalized treatment in a system which often seemed overwhelming, The knowledge obtained from him proved useful to me in the rest of my work. I credit Joe's help for a massive improvement in my ability to develop a more efficient work flow." - Martin G. Liu, Icon Creative Studio


"When Joe Crawford stepped into my life, I was unaware that he would have such an influence on my artistic career. From day one, he had the patience to explain the most basic aspects regardless of how many times I asked the same questions. As I progressed he was there every step of the way, offering tips, solving problems, and providing support. He puts his heart into teaching, which is more than evident by the extra time and numerous all nighters he pulls helping his students. I don't know if I've ever seen Joe leave before he was sure each and every question had been answered." - Adam Hepner, Capcom


"I had the most pleasant experience having Joe as my instructor. His knowledge of various software packages is astonishingly deep, and his instructional abilities as well as communication skills with students are remarkable. Joe is able to explain any subject in a very elaborate but at the same time simple way, so the student will understand the issue to the core. Joe will try to help students in any way possible, with great dedication, even if it means staying overtime and helping people out - regardless if they are working on his assignments or their own Demoreel. I sincerely enjoyed every class, and glad to have had Joe as an instructor, I can definitely say I wouldn't have achieved what I was planning without his help. Thanks Joe!" - Vadim Shlompher, Nitrogen Studios


"What can I say about Joe Crawford? He is one of the best and most dedicated teachers I have ever had. Anything you need an answer to, you can ask him. One cool thing is that he will always explain to you even more than what you had asked. It makes your learning deeper and more interesting. If you ask him to repeat it, he will explain each time in a different way, until you understand. He knows a lot about almost everything related to the game industry, including how to use a software and how to present your work to employers. Thanks again for everything Joe! You were essential during my journey. I really learned a lot with you, not just about the classes and software, but as how to be a better person and professional." - Armando Antonnioni, Electronic Arts


"Having Joe Crawford for a teacher was an awesome experience! Not only does he have extensive knowledge of the software used in our GAD program, he is also a dedicated instructor, ready and willing to help his students take their projects to a higher level. I can honestly say I wouldn't have achieved the extensive portfolio I have without his expertise. He regularly stays late, checks in with his current and former students to see if they need assistance, and can be counted on to have the most reliable resources, the most up-to-date answers, and the best way of explaining it for his students to understand the core concepts." - Jalyn Euteneier, Utherverse Digital Inc.

"Joe was one of my instructors while I was attending VanArts for Game Art and Design. He was always super helpful in every aspect of the course, even beyond his own classes. He frequently stayed late or came in on weekends to help other students and I complete our demo reels. I teach at VanArts now as well and I'm always hearing from the students how Joe goes way above and beyond the call of duty. I think one of the things that sets Joe apart from others in the industry is how he explains very clearly what he does when he solves a problem, so if the problem returns, the students can handle it on their own. On a more personal note, Joe has greatly inspired me over the years, outside of work, to just be a better human being in general. He's a walking source of inspiration and positivity. Any workplace (or social gathering) is significantly improved in his presence!" - Julio Nicoletti, Capcom


"Joe Crawford is easily one of the most dedicated teachers that I've ever had the opportunity to learn from and the pleasure to work with. He is passionate about helping the students, is an bottomless well of knowledge, and was instrumental in making me ready to work in the game industry. Working with him made me fully understand the impact that a teacher can have on a student's future." - Rafael Rossetti Almeida, Kemojo Studios


"Joe is a great teacher, friend, and role model for the countless students he's helped achieve their goals. His genuine passion for creating and teaching media means he never stops learning: Every time we meet he has something new to share and, because of this, he has become an inexhaustible source of useful information. Despite his years of experience, he will happily learn new tools and production methods from students, which makes learning feel like a team effort, inspiring students and promoting synergy in the classroom. An awesome mentor and a great friend, I hope to have the privilege to learn from him for years to come." - Liam Smyth, Electronic Arts


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Joe Crawford has had even more students who are now working in the game and film industries. If you would like more information or contacts for references, please contact Joe.


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