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Work Experience

Independent Teacher, Consultant, and Trainer      2001 - Present

Experience lecturing and instructing at the University of British Columbia, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and the Digifest Conference. Frequently hired to perform in-house training for other companies, professionals, and institutions in the areas of 3D graphics, animation, programming, and level design. Have provided in-house training for Backbone Entertainment, Channel M, Andromeda, and Ordigraphe Technology (an official Autodesk reseller).


Vancouver Institute of Media Arts      Vancouver, BC      Instructor      1998 to Present

Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Instructor of computer graphics and animation in several disciplines and programs, including game art, visual effects, and animation.


Think Tank Training Centre        Vancouver, BC        2012 to Present

Instructor and Mentor  

Providing instruction, advice, and feedback for students working on their demo reels.


Vancouver College of Art and Design        Vancouver, BC        2010 to 2012

Instructor and Curriculum Developer  

Instructor of programming and level design.


Celestine Studios      Vancouver, BC      2001 to Present

Director and Owner

Director of Celestine Studios, a company that specializes in 3D graphics, video games, and animation. Services include software development, media production, and training / technical support. A client list and several client testimonials are available.


Mainframe Entertainment Limited      Vancouver, BC      1996 - 2001

Character Animator and Visual Effects Artist

While in a visual effects role, created effects for the most demanding scenes in Transformers BeastMachines and Action Man.

As a character animator, met and exceeded a 25 second per week quota, at times producing in excess of 60 seconds of broadcast animation per week.



Excellent people skills, with a friendly, patient, and professional persona.

Over fourteen years of instruction and support experience.

Effective problem solving skills, able to identify problems and inefficiencies, as well as their underlying causes, in order to develop solutions.

Wide range of technical knowledge, including software development, server administration, user interface design, and many more technical and scientific fields.

Advanced knowledge of 3dsmax, Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, and many other software packages.

Often hired by companies and professionals to provide technical support.

Familiar and experienced in creating content, programming, and level designs for many game engines, including UDK, Unity 3D, and Ogre3D.

Extensive scripting and programing experience. Experience programming in Python, C/C++,C/Mono, Java, Javascript, AS3, PHP, and Ruby, among others.


Volunteer Activities

Skils Canada National Competition - 3D Animation Board Member

Cancer Research Software Development - Research and development, programming, and technical support for Jason Crawford M.Sc. with BC Cancer and TRIUMPH. Services related to the development of particle physics based cancer treatments.

Teaching 3D Founder and Maintainer - Managing the Teaching 3D website and live seminar series. The website provides free 3D graphics focused resource for students and teachers.

MmmmTools Developer - Lead developer of the popular MmmmTools software. The software is rated "5 out of 5 stars" (on the popular "Creative Crash" website) and it has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users from its homepage:

BBBlender Developer - Lead developer of the "BBBlender" add on for Blender, a package currently in development which makes the Blender user interface behave more like other popular 3D animation programs.


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