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Visitors to Teaching 3D can learn about many topics related to art and entertainment. The site provides a resource for students, but also exists to provide teachers with tools and information to more effectively teach classes.

Study With Acclaimed Instructor Joe Crawford

The site was started by Joe Crawford, and now features content from Joe and other associated instructors.

As an instructor, Joe has been highly reviewed and recommended, and his students have been very successful. In fact, hundreds of his students have worked professionally in the entertainment industry.  Television, game, and film studios all around the world have employed Joe's students in creating everything from independent projects to major feature productions.

Although Joe continues to teach at numerous institutions, lessons and resources are available publicly through this Teaching 3D website, and through live online and "in-person" sessions.

If you want to get started learning, Joe can help!


Read Articles And Tutorialsdocument icon

A great deal of useful information is available on this site.  Articles, tutorials, videos, and more. Some are original works created by Joe and some have been written by others and are used with permission.


Ask Questions and Get Solutions

Anyone can ask Joe questions using our web based email form. To ask a question, just follow the link and type in your question. Once your question is received, either Joe or someone else here will try to answer it.  We will do our best!testimonials icon

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Get Advice and Feedback On Your Work

Asking questions is not limited to just technical support.  If you ask for advice, we can look at your work and offer useful critiques and suggestions for improvements.


Download Softwaresupport icon

We offer programs, plugins and scripts that can help you learn and be more productive. MmmmTools is our very popular package for improving the popular "Maya" 3D software. BBBlender is available as well, and makes the open source 3D software "Blender" far easier and faster to use.

Wherever possible our code is open source, so you can read the source code, learn how it works, and modify it to suit your needs.


Classes and Seminars With Joe Crawford

Finally, this site serves as a hub for interactive sessions. Using this site, students will be able to attend online classes and seminars, sign up for in person seminars, or book in-person meetings and one on one tutoring sessions.

These services are still being set up, but more information will be posted as it becomes available.


Teaching3D is a creation of Joe Crawford